Your Credit Score: The (Other) Key To Your New Home

Improving credit score for mortgage

Tweet Each potential home buyer dreams of the day they’ll finally get the symbol of independence, security and prosperity: the key to the front door of their new home. Before you get that one, though, there’s another key you need to craft. Your credit score, a numerical representation of your credit history as an indicator […]

Keeping A Checkbook Register: A 20th Century Solution To A 21st Century Problem

keeping a checking account register

Tweet Thirty years ago, trying to spend more money than you had wasn’t just embarrassing; it was a scandal. Since checks didn’t process instantly, a shopkeeper would have no way of knowing until days after the purchase. Writing one bad check would cost you check-writing privileges at that establishment and possibly land your likeness on […]

How To Keep Your Guard Up Against The Newest Scams

keep your guard up against new scams

Tweet It seems like there’s a new data leak or identity theft trick to be worried about every week. If you’re not informed, you risk becoming a victim. Sitting back and waiting for news about scams to come to you may not be enough. In an ever-changing security climate, you need to stay on top […]

Smart Beta: Is It Better To Be Lucky Than Smart?

smart beta etf investing

Tweet Individual investors have long been cautioned away from trading individual securities. Less than a third of professional stock traders beat benchmarked funds — those whose value follows some large-scale economic indicator. Rather than trying to pick winners and losers, individual investors have chosen to invest while assuming there will be winners. It’s still a […]

How to Make the Most of a Home Show This Spring

Tweet Embarking on home improvement and renovation projects can be exciting-and intimidating.  To get inspired, you might spend weeks poring over home magazines, making the rounds to home improvement stores and searching the Internet. Or you might spend a day going to a home show. With hundreds of home and garden shows across the U.S., […]

The ‘Pink Tax’: Does Shopping Like A Girl Cost You Money?

what is the pink tax

Tweet Several economic studies have confirmed the existence of a so-called “pink tax,” an inflated price attached to goods and services specifically marketed to women. While theories abound to explain the pricing discrepancy, its existence seems clear. On everything from razors and deodorant to car repair and haircuts, women are expected to pay more for […]

How, Why, and When to Lock in a Mortgage Rate

why lock in a mortgage rate?

Tweet If you’re on the market for a house now, congratulations. This is an historically good time to buy. Interest rates are low and prices are rising in most markets. Even if it seems like a disorienting and confusing process, home buying is worthwhile in the long run. A rate lock is an agreement by […]

Why REFUND Is A Four-Letter Word

implications of a tax refund

Tweet Retailers across the country expect big sales for the first quarter of the year. They know this is the time of year when 75% of Americans get a big check in the mail courtesy of Uncle Sam. Nobody likes filing their taxes, but everyone likes getting a refund. It’s free money, right? Whoa … […]