Was There A Credit Union At The First Thanksgiving?

thanksgiving and the history of credit unions

Tweet Was there a credit union at the first Thanksgiving? The short answer is no, there was not.  The first Thanksgiving occurred in 1621, which was 150 years before the creation of the first credit unions.  In fact, the first modern financial institutions wouldn’t reach the country of the Pilgrims’ origin until the middle of […]

How to Retire When They Keep Moving the Finish Line

making it to the retirement finish line

Tweet What happens if you’ve made it to the day you thought you’d be retiring, but you’re simply not financially ready? Perhaps you passed your “Plan B” date.  Maybe even “Plan C” has come and gone. You know you’ve been making the right moves, but a temperamental stock market, kids who stayed home longer than […]

The Government’s $3 Trillion Dollar Financial Plan

The Government’s $3 Trillion Dollar Financial Plan

Tweet So, whatever happened to that interest rate hike?  It was supposed to happen all spring, then all summer, and now we’re supposed to be fully confident that the Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates by the end of 2015.  But so far, it hasn’t.  On one hand, that’s great news:  You still […]

Buying A Used Car, Part One: Finding The Right Car

tips for buying the right used car

Tweet You’ve probably heard that a car is the second-largest purchase the typical American makes after their home, but that’s not really true.  It might seem like it, since the median home price in the US was just under $190,000 last year, while a new Honda Civic starts at about one-tenth as much.  When you […]