Keeping A Checkbook Register: A 20th Century Solution To A 21st Century Problem

keeping a checking account register

Tweet Thirty years ago, trying to spend more money than you had wasn’t just embarrassing; it was a scandal. Since checks didn’t process instantly, a shopkeeper would have no way of knowing until days after the purchase. Writing one bad check would cost you check-writing privileges at that establishment and possibly land your likeness on […]

How to Make the Most of a Home Show This Spring

Tweet Embarking on home improvement and renovation projects can be exciting-and intimidating.  To get inspired, you might spend weeks poring over home magazines, making the rounds to home improvement stores and searching the Internet. Or you might spend a day going to a home show. With hundreds of home and garden shows across the U.S., […]

What Should You Do With Your Tax Refund?

what to do with tax refund

Tweet We don’t normally like to tell you how to spend your money. Our members tend to be very good at that, often finding creative ways to turn the hours they’ve spent at the office into new ways to enjoy their lives. More often, we tell you how to not spend your money by letting […]

A Smart Checklist for Effective Charitable Giving

effective charitable giving

Tweet It’s that time of the year again: a combination of New Year’s resolutions and the start of tax time has many of us looking for a place to donate money.  It can be difficult to figure out which charity is most deserving of your money and how to make your charitable donations work best […]

The Government’s $3 Trillion Dollar Financial Plan

The Government’s $3 Trillion Dollar Financial Plan

Tweet So, whatever happened to that interest rate hike?  It was supposed to happen all spring, then all summer, and now we’re supposed to be fully confident that the Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates by the end of 2015.  But so far, it hasn’t.  On one hand, that’s great news:  You still […]