Was There A Credit Union At The First Thanksgiving?

thanksgiving and the history of credit unions

Tweet Was there a credit union at the first Thanksgiving? The short answer is no, there was not.  The first Thanksgiving occurred in 1621, which was 150 years before the creation of the first credit unions.  In fact, the first modern financial institutions wouldn’t reach the country of the Pilgrims’ origin until the middle of […]

We’re Celebrating International Credit Union Day!

PrimeTrust celebrates International Credit Union Day

Tweet On the third Thursday of October, credit unions around the world celebrate International Credit Union Day. The day honors the contributions credit unions have made to society and gives credit union members a chance to reflect on the credit union movement, its history and achievements, and how membership in a credit union makes each […]

Direct Deposit: Safe, Simple, and Convenient

Tweet There’s a very short list of things that really haven’t changed in the past 50 years: apple pie, your fourth-grade teacher’s fashion sense and paper checks. Despite the advances that have been made in financial technology, paper checks are really about the same instruments they always have been. In a digital world, they’re increasingly […]

PrimeTrust Helps Neighbors In-Need This Holiday

Tweet The staff at PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union has kicked off their annual Christmas Families fundraiser again this year. PrimeTrust has helped families in Delaware County for over 70 years. This year, PrimeTrust is helping 20 children from Bridges Community Services, 24 kids from the Youth Opportunity Center, 25 people from LifeStream, and 12 people […]

10 Facts About Credit Unions

Credit Union Facts

Tweet Being a member of a credit union is a coup for your finances for many reasons. Here are just a few facts that make credit unions a great option. Fact #1: President Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act in 1934 to promote thriftiness and prevent usury during the Great Depression. Fact #2: Credit […]