How To Keep Your Guard Up Against The Newest Scams

keep your guard up against new scams

Tweet It seems like there’s a new data leak or identity theft trick to be worried about every week. If you’re not informed, you risk becoming a victim. Sitting back and waiting for news about scams to come to you may not be enough. In an ever-changing security climate, you need to stay on top […]

A Quick Guide to Your Credit Report

quick guide to understanding credit report

Tweet The beginning of the year is a time of resolutions and renewal.  Even if you’re not the kind of person who hits the gym with renewed vigor come January, getting those post-holiday credit card statements can get your heart racing. That’s why the beginning of the year is a great time to check in […]

How to Protect Yourself When Using Free WiFi

Protect yourself over wifi networks

Tweet We’ve all been there.  It’s been a long day of shopping at the mall, or waiting in an airport, or driving across the country, and we finally get a chance to pull out our phones or laptops and look for WiFi.  Good news:  You’ve found one that doesn’t require a password!  Free WiFi saves […]

5 Steps to Cut Your Data Security Risks

Tweet Online banking has made managing personal finances easier than ever. However, it has also provided cyber criminals with a whole new way to get at Americans’ money. In 2014, hackers snatched $16 billion from about 13 million consumers, according to Javelin Strategy and Research, making it more important than ever to safeguard data. Although […]

Avoiding High Yield Investment Fraud

Tweet Whenever the stock market takes a hit, unscrupulous individuals will try to find a way to use the misfortune of worried investors to make a quick profit.  In light of this year’s problems on Wall Street, it’s no surprise that old scams are coming back, and like all of the classic scams, this one […]

Three Simple Ways to Secure Your Phone

Tweet If you spent the morning on Twitter,, or just about any other corner of the Internet, you might believe the only thing that’s happened anywhere in the universe this week is Apple’s product announcement on Wednesday. Joined by developers from Adobe and Microsoft, the company showed off a new iPad, a new iPhone […]

Check Fraud & Swiss Cheese

check fraud and swiss cheese

Tweet Just about every article you read about fraud, security and identity theft is based on the idea that with increased technology comes increased security.  In fact, we do everything we can to bring as much cutting edge technology to your defense as possible.  Unfortunately, some of the greatest vulnerabilities in your security come from […]