How to Spot a Home Improvement Scammer

home improvement fraud tips

Tweet As we reach the dog days of summer, many of us are facing the consequences of our springtime procrastination.  For the next few months, we’re going to have to either spend every weekend on the home improvement projects we’ve been putting off or spend the fall and winter with a half-finished patio.  Again. It’s […]

Credit Report Scams: Quick Tips to Protect Yourself

tips to avoid credit report scams

Tweet Earlier this month, the Better Business Bureau warned the country to keep an eye out for criminals masquerading as credit repair agencies, an old scam that keeps coming back every few years.  The scam is easy to spot if you know what to look for, so here’s what you need to know. How the […]

3 Common Mortgage Scams (And How To Beat Them)

Tweet The phrase “home security” is pretty widely used and has a variety of contexts. It can mean locking doors and windows when leaving the house, setting up an alarm system, participating in a neighborhood watch, or setting up automatic lights for vacations. These are all steps homeowners take to keep the contents of their […]

Checking Your Credit Report In Three Easy Steps

four steps to checking your credit report

Tweet If there were a song about keeping yourself safe from financial scams, the refrain to that song would be “Check your credit report!” But practically speaking, what does that mean? How can that one piece of advice keep you safe from so much? Though it sounds like an advanced financial maneuver, checking your credit […]

Staying Safe at the ATM [Infographic]

ATM safety tips

Tweet Worried about protecting your pin and keeping your money safe while using ATMs? Well, you’re not alone.  Our favorite way of getting cash anytime, anywhere is also an easy target for identity thieves and pickpockets.  Check out our latest infographic for helpful guidelines to keep yourself and your money safe.  

10 Tax Scams to Avoid

Tweet The IRS often warns consumers about tax scams this time of year. While it’s important to be vigilant as you work with your tax preparer or do your own yearly tax filing, watch out for many of these scams that happen year-round. If you come across any of these, consider it a red flag. […]

12 Ways To Practice Safe ATM Transactions

atm fraud

Tweet ATM fraud is on the rise, with skimmer fraud – devices added to ATMs to record and store sensitive information – becoming an especially ripe target for scammers. Fortunately, with a little extra diligence you can significantly reduce your risk at the ATM.  Start by checking out these 12 simple ways to protect yourself and your account […]