Buying A Used Car, Part One: Finding The Right Car

tips for buying the right used car

Tweet You’ve probably heard that a car is the second-largest purchase the typical American makes after their home, but that’s not really true.  It might seem like it, since the median home price in the US was just under $190,000 last year, while a new Honda Civic starts at about one-tenth as much.  When you […]

The Effects of China’s Market Crash On Typical Americans Like You

Tweet Predicting the future of international finance can be a fool’s errand. Fluctuations in a small aspect of a small market can ripple in untold ways, changing the environment all the time, like the proverbial butterfly responsible for all of those hurricanes. Unfortunately, shrugging in the face of the unknown is really uncomfortable when it […]

Are HELOCs a Good Idea in Today’s Economy?

HELOC loan

Tweet Debt is the wealth killer. You’ve heard this piece of advice repeated in a million different corners of financial news. You’ve read articles telling you to get rid of all your debt in order to build wealth and save for the future. There’s one very notable exception, though, and you’re living in it. Debt […]