How to Retire When They Keep Moving the Finish Line

making it to the retirement finish line

Tweet What happens if you’ve made it to the day you thought you’d be retiring, but you’re simply not financially ready? Perhaps you passed your “Plan B” date.  Maybe even “Plan C” has come and gone. You know you’ve been making the right moves, but a temperamental stock market, kids who stayed home longer than […]

A Quick Guide to 401(k) Plans and Your Retirement

401(k) retirement savings

Tweet Any sensible retirement planning strategy starts with a target number. This number is how much you need to have saved for living comfortably and independently throughout your retirement. A good rule of thumb is to take your current living expenses and multiply that by 400. That’s how much you’d need to have to sustain […]

The Four ‘Shoulds’ of Retirement

answers to common retirement questions

Tweet When it comes to retirement, the variety of ways to save money can be so confusing that even the most diligent investors might wonder if they are looking at the right information, doing the right thing or if they’re even on the right track.  Would you know if you should be using a fancy […]

The Effects of China’s Market Crash On Typical Americans Like You

Tweet Predicting the future of international finance can be a fool’s errand. Fluctuations in a small aspect of a small market can ripple in untold ways, changing the environment all the time, like the proverbial butterfly responsible for all of those hurricanes. Unfortunately, shrugging in the face of the unknown is really uncomfortable when it […]