Why REFUND Is A Four-Letter Word

implications of a tax refund

Tweet Retailers across the country expect big sales for the first quarter of the year. They know this is the time of year when 75% of Americans get a big check in the mail courtesy of Uncle Sam. Nobody likes filing their taxes, but everyone likes getting a refund. It’s free money, right? Whoa … […]

What Should You Do With Your Tax Refund?

what to do with tax refund

Tweet We don’t normally like to tell you how to spend your money. Our members tend to be very good at that, often finding creative ways to turn the hours they’ve spent at the office into new ways to enjoy their lives. More often, we tell you how to not spend your money by letting […]

Fall Into Tax Planning

early tax planning tips

Tweet The leaves are changing. The nights are getting longer. There’s a cool breeze blowing and apples are falling off the trees. Everyone knows what that means: it’s tax planning time! Remember, no one can offer you accurate tax advice without a careful review of your finances. If you have questions about filing your taxes, […]

4 Tips to Lower Your Property Tax Bill

lowering your property tax bill

Tweet Around this time of year, it seems like we get taxed coming and going. We get a bill for our income, then another for our house, then another for our car! There’s no end! In reality, these taxes are being levied by different levels of government and property taxes play an important part in […]

Don’t Panic: A Last-Minute Guide To Tax Preparation

Tweet It’s the second week in April. Spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming. Baseball stadiums are fired up for the start of the season. As you begin to enjoy the pleasantness of this time of year, do you have that lingering feeling that you’ve forgotten something? April 15 is Tax Day. That’s […]

Are You Missing Out on a Tax Refund?

Tweet “Paying” your taxes can be a misnomer for many folks. This year, 8 out of 10 people who filed taxes got a refund. The average refund was nearly $3,000, according to the IRS. Many people think of tax refunds as bonuses, but it’s really an interest-free loan you gave the government. Filing your taxes […]

TurboTax Security Concerns: Everything You Need to Know

TurboTax security concerns

Tweet Intuit, makers of the popular tax software TurboTax, briefly deactivated their state return filing functionality on February 6th. The reason? The company detected an increase in “suspicious” filings and thought there may have been a data breach. Many states, following their lead, stopped accepting e-filed claims from TurboTax in an effort to curb fraudulent […]

10 Tax Scams to Avoid

Tweet The IRS often warns consumers about tax scams this time of year. While it’s important to be vigilant as you work with your tax preparer or do your own yearly tax filing, watch out for many of these scams that happen year-round. If you come across any of these, consider it a red flag. […]